Frequently Asked Questions

The same heirs and beneficiaries will be paid after the public administrator is appointed,  It is possible that the former administrator/executor will not be paid for their time as personal representative if the judge determines there was any wrong on their part.   

Not at all, probate is not a criminal count; the public administrator is simply a neutral third party who serves as fiduciary at the judge’s discretion.

There are a number of reasons the court appoints the  office of the public administrator to your case; typically the court appoints the office when something was not doing correctly or timely involving the administrator of the estate.

The public administrator is appointed by the Jeffivsa county district court judges to serve a four year term the office assists the court in assisting all matters related to probate court.

If you are the administrator/executor of an estate, you should have received a court order saying that you are to provide full  settlement of the account and turn over all assets of the estate. This means that you are to turn over all estate assets to the public administrator as well as provide an accounting of all assets received and payments made during your time as personal representative.

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