Commonwealth v. Tijuan Johnson, et al (Mar 6th, 2012)

Mr. Johnson was charged along with his co-defendants with murder and assault. One of the surviving victims identified and testified that Mr. Johnson was one of the individuals involved in the shooting. The government recovered several of the firearms from the area and other pieces of material evidence. The defendant was found not guilty at trial.

United States v. Rice, et al. (Mar 6th, 2012)

Thirteen individuals were charged with Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine and Possessing Firearms. The federal government recovered approximately 22 kilograms of cocaine in excess of $250,000. The federal agents utilized search warrants and wiretaps to help in proving the conspiracy. The defendants filed a motion to suppress all evidence collected through the use of wiretaps alleging the wiretaps did not conform with federal guidelines. The federal district judge agreed and all charges were dismissed against the thirteen defendants. The case was appealed to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, OH. The Court of Appeals affirmed the trial courts’ ruling and all charges were dismissed. See, United States v. Rice, 478 F.3d 704 (6th Cir. 2007)

United States v. Dallas Day, et al.

Ms. Day was charged with purchasing methamphetamine precursor from a Florida pharmacy and conspiring with other individuals in Kentucky to manufacture methamphetamine.  I persuaded the government to dismiss the charges against Ms. Day showing that the statute of limitations precluded them from going forward against Ms. Day even though the government moved forward with prosecution against the remaining co-defendants.

U.S. v Holbrook

My client was charged in a fifteen person drug conspiracy indictment. Prior to trial, I was able to negotiate an amended misdemeanor possession of cocaine charge resulting in no jail time for Mr. Holbrook.

U.S. v GND Medical Consultants

The CEO of GND was investigated for insurance fraud. Initially criminal charges were going to be filed, however, after lengthy negotiations I was able to convince the federal prosecutor to refrain from charging my client criminally. Ultimately, helping him to avoid jail time and substantial monetary penalties.